Tue, 27 May 2008

Digital Audio and Music

“The somatic and digital in audio-visual performance”

duration: 21:56

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About this demo-conference

[In French]

“With the Cubing project we explore the relationship between the choices we make about the relationships between sound and colour.”

Digital sound offers infinite possibilities. With the Cubing project, Alexandre Burton aims to enhance the understanding of what is happening on stage by offering indicators: the audience sees, directly on stage, the same interface as the artists who are performing. He uses the technique of mapping: an arbitrary choice will be matched with a colour. This technique allows us to make connections between things, which is fundamental to our understanding and to creating meaning. If we change the relationship between sound and colour, we modify the significance of that relationship. Thus, meaning is created by that relationship. And therefore the physical presence of the artist on stage (somatics) is pertinent because it allows us to insert our human judgment into the process of “mapping” the relationship.

Alexandre Burton – Artist

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