Tue, 27 May 2008

Digital Audio and Music

The medium is the space

duration: 30:11

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About this demo-conference

[In French]

“Contrary to the frontal view, humans have an hemispheric perception of sound. It is difficult to know whether a musical phrase arrives from the front or the back.”

Space properly belongs to acousmatic music and not to any other form of sonic art. Acousmatic music is written but is not played. There is music for which the composition itself is so strongly connected to the notion of space that it is difficult to reduce it to conventional stereophonic sound. Robert Normandeau brings forth the notions of internal space (sound characteristics used by the composer at the moment of creating the sound), of external space (the sound characteristics of the room or hall in which the performance takes place), and of the fusion of the two in a standardized relationship such as when a film (for example) uses Dolby sound (non-variable space). He is also developing the concepts of the spatialization of sound qualities and their distribution across a spectrum, both of which are used for multiphonic works.

Robert Normandeau – Composer and Professor in Electrocoustic Music Composition

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