Tue, 10 Jun 2008


Photon, the ultimate tool for visual control in shows and permanent installations

duration: 20:15

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About this demo-conference

[In French]

“Ideally, immersion is a big box into which we enter wherein everything is simulated: we speak with other people, we see, we smell, we feel … “

Different research projects are being managed so as to attain total immersion. Like the Holodeck of Star Trek, the Blue cave has been conceived for the unique viewing of one sole individual. The Panoscope 360, another distribution system, provides a curved surface but requires a center sweet spot. 3D TV offers us a parallax effect thanks to the use of 16 projectors.

Industry research is in an advanced state. VYV has given itself the objective of creating tools for the creators of shows, tools which address the challenges and multiple viewpoints of large crowds, the mix-up of various media and the modification, on stage, by the artist, in real-time. Even if there are technical improvements yet to come (blurring, compensation for black, delays due to a multiplicity of media), the Photon system has proven itself in numerous public presentations (Justin Timberlake concert, permanent exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore).

Emric Epstein & Martin Granger-Piché – Co-Founder, VYV

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