Tue, 10 Jun 2008


Introduction Immersion 10/June 08

duration: 14:29

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About this demo-conference

[In English]

What, Why, How of Immersion

In his introduction, Mr. jemtrud evokes the architecture of immersive images. He underlines the fact that the idea of immersion is not new because we find it expressed in the architecture of cathedrals with respect to structure, sound and the ways the space is occupied. He traces a brief history of the evolution of the concept of immersion and of its capacities, and underscores that with existing technology immersion is no longer reduced just to “sweet spots” (a sort of “perfect place” for feeling immersed: in the SAT[osphere], for example). We do not pretend, by using immersive systems, to compete with virtual reality. On the contrary, immersion involves us using our imagination.

Michael Jemtrud – Associate Professor of Architecture and Director of the School of Architecture, McGill University

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