Tue, 10 Jun 2008


Immersive practices: the complexity of integrating physical and perceptual spaces

duration: 23:37

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About this demo-conference

[In French]

“It’s a living scene that offers a total experience”

The electronic castelet (dynamic reconfigurable stage) is a model, at one-tenth the scale, of a scenic space which includes several technological elements from the world of theatre: motorised lighting, image projection, augmented reality and a convertible stage. The use of an electronic castelet will serve on two levels: the development of the stage settings, and its distribution. Mechanically, the mobility of the stage is created by numerous small blocks. An immersive dynamics is created, the stage and the venue in the same space being the core idea of “total theatre”. It aims at the integration of the spectator who thanks also to immersive sound, will not be disturbed by the movements of the stage. When writing a piece for theatre, the castelet allows for anticipating the reactions of spectators.

Robert Faguy – Professor and Director of the theatre program, Laval University, Quebec City

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