Tue, 10 Jun 2008


2nd part - Interactive immersion: Through the looking glass of cinema.

duration: 32:13 - 2nd part 21:09 to 32:13

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About this demo-conference

[In French]

“This project has allowed us to work with a new and stimulating approach which offers new possibilities for reaching the audience.”

The film “Between Heaven and Earth” produced for SAT allows us to find ourselves in a “natural” environment, in 360 degrees. In an immersive universe like the SAT[osphere], the spectator is integrated into the content, in the center of the projection and so there is not the usual fragmentation. The major challenge lies in the creation of a new language which lets the spectator live a sensory experience in which she or he are no longer passive. Perception is modified via new “codes” of orientation. Scenarists need to adapt the rules of setting the stage and screenwriting / scriptwriting. As well, the rules of production are also being modified: the direction of artists, setting the scene and the techniques of production are no longer the same.

Bernar Hébert & Renée Claude Riendeau – Screenwriters, Directors and Producers

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