Tue, 10 Jun 2008


1srt part - Open ended narratives

duration: 32:13 - 1rst part 00:00 to 21:08

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About this demo-conference

[In French]

“With the SAT[osphere], we speak about immersion and we speak about “being in it”. As with a church or heaven, we see something when we raise our eyes. Thus, it’s very interesting with this concept.”

Johnny Ranger focuses on visual language. He believes that with respect to technology what is important is the message we want to convey … the form and the techniques are secondary, and are continually changing. The ideas he presents are centered on symbols and codes of narration. It’s not important how long the spectator is in the presence of the work, what’s important is that the spectator experiences and feels emotions that the work brings to the surface.

Projects involving 360-degree immersion, such as his production for the SAT[osphere], have led him to leave the classic form of a rectangular screen in order to explore new methods for working and learning. Johnny believes that the future will be interactive, and that we will be less and less often in front of a computer screen. We will also be seeing more transitions in terms of how we deliver presentations and how we experience information.

Johnny Ranger – Interdisciplinary Artist

About Johnny Ranger