Robert Proulx

President Telecommunications XITTEL

For several years now, the main reason for the restraint in the massive use of very high speed broadband networks seems to be related to what is called the 'Last Mile', in other words the connection infrastructure linking the ISP to the home or business. A new trend has now started that looks closely to the potential offered by the 'First Mile'. What happens if the users himself actually becomes the owner of that portion of the network infrastructure?
Soon, the connection infrastructure could be taken into account to establish the value of a house as it is the case for the type of heating system or whether the house is equiped with a swimming pool or not.
For years, Xittel has been implementing fibre optics for Territorial bodies, communities and businesses. M. Proulx will drop a few leads about the deployment of fibre optics, presenting pros and cons, for those of you who just cannot wait for very high speed broadband any longer.

Mr Proulx has more than 25 years of experience in engineering and management in the field of information technology in the industrial and telecommunications sectors.
Always motivated by innovation and entrepreneurship, he held the position of vice-president of Genitec Telecommunications (Dessau-Soprin), then Vice-President of Technical Services at Cogeco Câble. From 1997-2002 he was Vice-President, in charge of the Telecommunications division of IMS Experts-Conseils, which became Xit Telecom Inc. Robert Proulx received the prestigious''Canarie iway award'', for his contribution towards the installation of broadband networks in Canada.