Very High Broadband

Réal Gauthier

Consultant, Concept et Forme

Introduction – Very high Broadband : Switching from copper to fibre optics

The essential progression of telecoms to very high speed optics is an immense challenge of society. Canada is seriously behind and this will impact its future culturally, economically and enironmentrally. What exactly is very high speed optics? Why is it so important?
What is the global picture in figures? Why don’t we talk about it? What can we do?

Through his wealth of training and work experience, Réal Gauthier has obtained diversified and visionary expertise in the field of ICT relating to: technologies, society, culture, arts, the media, innovation, cluster networks and public strategy and services. Working as a consultant with Concept et Forme since 1984, he has completed hundreds of mandates and, as an entrepreneur, has mentored numerous companies and produced videos, television programs, print materials and Websites.