Jonathan Morin

Lead Level Designer on Far Cry 2, Ubisoft

Predictability in Games: How to Avoid Pre-Conceived Experiences in Game Design?

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For many years, designers have tried to install games with real emotions, to create 'meaningful experiences' for players. Despite their efforts, even the most successful game still feels predictable and this undermines any intention to bring such an experience to life. This presentation identifies the root causes of this problem and suggests practical ways for designers to avoid them. The session poses the following questions: Why is predictability a problem and what causes it? Which games exhibit that problem and which one employ interesting solutions? What practical tools can be used to solve this problem in future games?

Through over nine years in the industry, Jonathan Morin has performed Game Design, Level Design and Art roles on several projects. Now in his seventh year at Ubisoft Montreal, he’s currently Lead Level Designer of Far Cry 2. His last project at Ubisoft was Peter Jackson’s King Kong. Jonathan studied in Human Science, Computer Science and briefly considered a career in math education but chose to apply these skills in an environment that would offer a bit more fun.