Immersive & sensory Cinema

31 March 09

Are the concepts of frame and shots in jeopardy?

Writing and creating techniques in the cinema industry are still dependent on the flat screen and linearity. Immersive video projection and sensory environments bring to life 360 degree screens and interactivity. In this new experiential world, the usual codes in use in the cinema industry are obsolete and production techniques are being pushed around. Stereoscopy and satellite broadcasting are being explored by existing cinema theatres in order to try and keep their public out of their own home cinema.

Is the format of the traditional screen itlsef limiting innovation and the kind of content that can be projected within regular movie theatres? IMAX tries to redefine the whole cinematic experience while the community of planetariums equiped with immersive projection devices is constantly growing. There are nowadays more planetariums than IMAX cinemas in the world. Are we witnessing the birth of new audiovisual complexes? If it is the case, what are the emerging standards? Can what we will witness and experience in such venues still be considered as cinema? How are Montreal and its concerned communities doing in this new media and science universe?


Introduction by Yan Breuleux – Visual artist

Daniel Courville – Lecturer in Sound Production and Applied Computer Science at UQAM’s École des médias

Alan Caskey – General manager, Global Immersion Ltd.

Louis-Philippe St-Arnault – Production director & scenograph, SAT